Ty Ataei

Before you purchase or sell residential or commercial Real Estate, you need a strong Realtor in your corner.

A seasoned international negotiator who knows how to acquire, retain relationships, someone with a mind for facts, figures, a gut for good instincts and a heart full of integrity.

Meet Ty Ataei! A Bay Area resident, since 1976, Ty has worked his way up. He went from Busboy to Chef, before plunging into the world of Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Sales.

After a considerable amount of success, which included 20 years of Hard Disc Drive (HDD) sales, and 15 years in Digital Advertising, Ty then set his sights on Real Estate.
With 3 decades of Real Estate experience, he has used his impressive sales background and keen insights to work with Buyers, Sellers, Investors of Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and San Francisco Counties, by successfully meeting and exceeding their requirements and expectations.

Ty's Specialties

Why is Ty Ataei the Right Realtor for you?

Ty values trust. He puts in the work so that his clients feel comfortable during the buying and selling process.
Throughout his career, Ty’s consistent theme has been meeting and exceeding clients’ goals through a combination of performance, availability, creativity and preparedness.
His approachable nature and vibrant personality make potential buyers and sellers feel at home. Every question is answered. Every doubt is replaced with clarity. More importantly, Ty is very client centric. It’s a delicate task that requires passion, finesse and understanding.

It’s about building a community!